Frequently Asked Questions
What happens if the Access Points lose connection to the Relay2 Cloud?

If the Relay2 Access Point loses connection to the Relay2 Cloud due to Internet
unpredictable performance or Relay2 Cloud outage because of scheduled
maintenance, the WiFi connected clients will still be able to access the backend
network or Internet. Management of the Access Points via the Relay2 Cloud will be
lost until Relay2 Access Point restored its connection to Cloud.

What is the warranty period for Relay2 AP?

1 year

How many concurrent clients does Relay2 AP support?


How can I manage and configure my Relay2 AP?

You may manage and configure your Relay2 Access Points through the Relay2
Cloud-based NMS. Some low level networking configuration may can only be
performed via the console port or by SSH. Such as changing the default
configuration or primary management ethernet interface to use static IP address,
taged with specific VLAN ID, and etc.

Does Relay2 AP support 4G/LTE cellular USB dongle?

Yes. Relay2 AP supports specific USB cellular dongle (E3276s-862). Please contact
our sales team for more detail. Relay2 is also planning embedded 4G/LTE AP model
in the future roadmap.

Does Relay2 AP support VLAN configuration?

Yes. 802.1q VLAN is supported.

Does Relay2 AP support static IP configuration?

Yes. User can use command line interface (CLI) to configure static IP. CLI is
accessible by using serial console port or SSH connection.
Please refer to user guide or contact support engineer for further detail.

Does Relay2 AP support mesh topology?

No. Mesh topology is currently not supported.

Does Relay2 AP support client roaming?

Yes. Client roaming is supported and has been extensively tested

What authentication methods do Relay2 Access Points support?

WEP, WPA(psk/802.1x), WPA2(psk/802.1x), WPA/WPA2(psk/802.1x), Portal,
WEP+Portal, WPA/WPA2(psk/802.1x)+Portal

Does Relay2 AP support PoE(Power over Ethernet) or PoE+(802.3at)?

Yes but only PoE+ (802.3at) is supported.

What is the power consumption of a Relay2 Access Point?

Maximum power consumption of the RA300 AP is 24W.

Which countries are Relay2 Access Points certified with?

Relay2 Access Points are certified by US (FCC), China (CMIIT), Japan (TELEC),
Taiwan (NCC).

RA320 FCC ID: 2AAA9-RA320
RA320 NCC ID: CCAM20LP0850T0
RA320 TELEC ID: R210-138761
RA320 VCCI ID: CV20030710
RA340 FCC ID: 2AAA9-RA340
RA340 TELEC ID: R210-138902
RA340 VCCI ID: CV20030711

Can Relay2 AP automatically upgrade firmware?

Yes. Relay2 AP will check for new firmware during reboot and upgrade
automatically. This feature can be disabled by user configuration.

Does Relay2 offer outdoor AP?

Yes, please contact our sales team for details.

Do Relay2 Access Points support 802.11ac?

Yes, Relay2 have three models of 802.11ac Access Points:
RA320: Indoor 2×2 802.11ac wave-2 AP
RA340: Indoor 4×4 802.11ac wave-2 AP
RA340-128GB: Indoor 4×4 802.11ac wave-2 AP with embedded 128GB SSD
RA345: Indoor 4×4 802.11ac wave-2 AP with radio scanner
RA820E: Outdoor 2×2 802.11ac AP with Scanner
RA830E: Outdoor 3×3 802.11ac AP

How do you upgrade Relay2 AP?

Relay2 AP can be upgraded through Relay2 Cloud-based NMS.

Does Relay2 AP support RF extension cable for external antennas?

Only outdoor model Relay2 AP with external antennas can be used with extension
cables for a wide range of antenna configurations.

Does the Relay2 AP support wireless client device location services?

Yes, Relay2 AP collects client RSSI data and integrate with 3 rd party application for
location services.

Does the Relay2 Cloud Manager support role-based management?

Yes, it does. It can provide different levels of access for different roles.

Does Relay2 AP support rogue AP detection?

Yes. Rogue AP detection is supported.

Does Relay2 Access Points support roaming optimization?

Relay2 has paid special attention to roaming optimization. Our radio engineers
optimized roaming algorithms for the best possible performance in the challenging
real-world environments. Additionally, aided-roaming thresholds can be tuned by
your support engineer for non-typical deployments to suit your needs.

Does Relay2 AP support LDAP?

Not direct support but can support currently, but RADIUS is supported.

Do Relay2 AP require a hardware controller?

No. Relay2 AP were designed as a cloud-based management and virtual controller

How secure is the Relay2 solution?

Relay2 Access Points are designed for enterprise-class security standard of the
Enterprise WLAN industry. Standard Enterprise secured WLAN CAPWAP protocol is
used for the communication between the Access Points and the Cloud.

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