Relay2, a leading provider of cloud-controlled WiFi solutions, today officially announced the launch of the RA200 family of Service-Ready Access Points (AP). These intelligent, enterprise-class, cloud-managed access points enable service providers and businesses to deliver innovative vertical-intimate services that are ideal across retail, hospitality, and large public venues.

As an integral component of the Relay2 Services Delivery Platform, the RA200 delivers high-performance wireless access, powerful computing, and dedicated storage at the network’s edge. These powerful capabilities enable businesses to locally run value-added applications and compute-intensive services from the RA200 series access points to increase performance, reduce costs, and free up network bandwidth for other critical applications. The ability to host value-added services at the network’s edge enables new revenue-generating and cost-saving opportunities, leading to the maximizing of ROI of WiFi deployments.

“The new IT era, which IDC refers to as the 3rd Platform, is built upon the pillars of cloud, mobility, big data, and social business, and faces the challenge of supporting an exponential increase in mobile devices accessing bandwidth-intensive applications on enterprise networks,” explained Nolan Greene, Research Analyst, Network Infrastructure for IDC. “One of the key capabilities of the Relay2 platform is its ability to natively host and deliver custom apps and content at the network’s edge. This makes Relay2 a compelling WiFi infrastructure solution for supporting bandwidth-intensive applications without sacrificing the overall performance of the network.”

“The RA200 is the key to enabling truly vertical-intimate solutions for businesses,” explained Greg Daily, CEO of Relay2. “Leveraging the edge computing power and openness of the platform, we are working with best-in-class partners to put their services at the edge of the network, as close as possible to mobile users, where new solutions can delight customers, improve experiences, and ultimately address unique vertical needs.”

Key Features of the Relay2 RA200 Service-Ready Access Points

  • Edge Computing & Storage – A powerful processor with dedicated memory and solid-state storage enables the delivery of applications and services at the network’s edge;
  • Application Containers – Support for containers provides an open and lightweight yet secure environment in which one or more third-party applications can run on the RA200;
  • Built-In Web Utility Services – Services including web caching, web server, HTML insertion, deep packet inspection, and client location data enable the creation of rich, responsive, and context-aware edge applications;
  • Enterprise-class Connectivity – With 2×2 and 3×3 MIMO models, dual-band, high-performance 802.11ac access points support up to 16 WLANS and up to 250 clients per AP; advanced band steering maximizes the performance of the network and connected client devices;
  • Cloud-managed – All RA200 are centrally managed by the Relay2 Cloud, which provides simple yet powerful administration of both the network and hosted applications; no additional on-site controller is required;
  • Plug-and-Play – When plugged in, the RA200 AP automatically connects to the Relay2 Cloud Controller to download its configuration and join the appropriate network, making it an ideal “zero-touch” solution for remote locations with little or no IT staff;
  • Robust Security – AES encryption, WPA2-enterprise authentication with 802.1X, and client isolation provide enterprise-class protection for the network and network-connected devices;
  • Managed Virtual AP – Each RA200 AP can be virtualized into as many as 8 virtual APs, enabling multiple tenants to securely manage and control a virtual AP as if it was their own physical AP; and
  • Dedicated Scanner – Available models support optional 3rd dual-band radio dedicated to scanning to provide continuous visibility across all radio channels, enabling advanced security, RF analytics, and client insights.

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About Relay2:

Relay2, a leader in cloud-managed wireless networks, helps service providers transform legacy managed services into complete ROI-generating business solutions tailored for SMB. Relay2’s pioneering Service-Ready Access Point enables cloud-managed applications and content to be hosted at the network edge, as close as possible to mobile customers, guests, and employees. The open Relay2 platform makes it both simple and low cost to leverage a foundation of high performance WiFi to build, deploy, and manage innovative edge applications that provide rich connected experiences.

Headquartered in Milpitas, California, Relay2 was founded in 2011 and is a privately funded company led by an experienced team of wireless and networking veterans. For more information, visit and follow @relay2wireless on Twitter.