New Edge Apps and Services

Enabling on-premise edge business applications

Unified application and network control on the cloud

Relay2 Platform

Delivering Integrated Edge Computing WiFi Experiences

Relay2 delivers superior WiFi solutions coupled with unique integrated computing and storage to create a cloud-managed on-premise edge computing system. Built to enable our partners, we help businesses to develop, run, and manage edge applications on our pioneering Converged Edge Platform.

Develop new edge apps and services

Built-around industry standard container technology, the Relay2 platform simplifies and accelerates the workflow for creating new edge applications, while giving developers the freedom to innovate with their choice of tools, application stacks, and deployment environments for each project.

Docker Containers

The Relay2 platform use Docker containers to host applications — providing a familiar and developer friendly environment for creating edge-applications that run on the Relay2 Smart Access Points.


Docker is the industry standard for containers — one that is portable, flexible and easy to deploy


Docker containers share the access point’s OS kernel keeping per application overheads to a minimum


Strong isolation allows secure hosting of multiple edge application on the AP

Containers Orchestration

Our solution integrates containers with our Converged Edge platform — enabling containerized edge-applications to be deployed and managed from the cloud fast, dynamically, and automatically.
R2-Edge API & SDK to access network or client specific information
Open Source building-block applications & library available via DockerHub
Pre-built and validated solutions ready to be deployed today
The Relay2 development team is here to assist you in your edge computing journey

Run services to on-premise users

Bring business applications and service to life at the network edge, on-premise, and near your users with Relay2’s Service-Ready Access Points.
Faster response
Data Security and Privacy
Network and devices insight
Bandwidth cost savings
Extend the cloud to on-premise

Manage network and apps on the cloud

The Relay2 Cloud Manager provides a single-pane-of-glass for centrally managing both edge applications and the network itself. With an intuitive web-based interface, the Relay2 Cloud Manager gives management access from anywhere around the world without any special software client installations.

The Relay2 Cloud Manager offers feature-rich graphical user interfaces such as a dashboard view for current status, intuitive provisioning pages, and detailed monitor & statistics views

Plug and play edge application from cloud Apps Store repository

Edge Content Hosting (ECH)

Improve access to important content while reducing Internet bandwidth congestion and costs by hosting & caching rich multimedia content directly on the Relay2 AP

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Seamlessly & securely extend private networks to Relay2 AP in remote locations.


Share and collaborate on documents, send and receive email, manage your calendar and have video chats – all fully on-premise with Nextcloud enable Relay2 APs.

Provides high-performance software-defined object storage. Integration with Relay2 AP, enables private cloud-native environments to be extended to the network edge with stringent security requirements and delivering mission-critical availability.


A free Open Source software package, Moodle running on Relay2 provides a learning platform designed to help educators create and deliver effective online educational content.

Azure IoT

Azure certification enable a library of available Microsoft Azure IoT modules to be downloaded and run directly on Relay2 AP

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    Relay2, a leader in cloud-managed wireless and edge computing convergency networks, helps service providers transform legacy managed services into complete ROI-generating business solutions tailored for SMB.
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    RelayRelay2 HQ
    Relay2, a leader in cloud-managed wireless networks, helps service providers transform legacy managed services into complete ROI-generating business solutions tailored for SMB.
    Our locationsWhere to find us?
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    Copyright by Relay2. All rights reserved.

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