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WiFi & Edge-as-a-Services

In a connected world, WiFi plays a central role in delivering business capabilities to customers. Relay2 solutions help Managed Service Providers manage their customers’ business needs with uncomplicated and simple to deploy systems.

Set-up, deploy, manage, and run enterprise-grade WiFi networks at the edge with an all-in-one Edge-as-a-Service platform that provides:

Simple WiFi-as-a-Service

Easy to deploy intelligent WiFi networks for both your teams and customers. Gain high growth opportunities with WiFi-as-a-Service at affordable costs.

Cloud Managed WiFi subscriptions

Centralized access to systems to continuously monitor, manage, and measure network services.

Virtual Wireless Expert

AI-powered to help MSP's deliver the quality of experience across vendors and reduce operating costs.

Revenue Generating - Edge-as-a-Service

With converged connectivity and edge compute at access points, MSPs now have the flexibility to deploy computer processing power across a hybrid cloud and edge computing architecture MSPs can deliver a combination of ready made or custom edge applications as WiFi- network- as-a- service offerings to their clients.

Rapid Service Creation

Relay2 Converge Edge provides MSPs the agility to rapidly develop and deploy new Application-as-a-Service at network edge.Minimize the development time of new service by leveraging the ecosystem of open source software and public cloud services to quickly gain customer validation and generate new streams of revenue.
Virtual Learning

Creating Immersive Education Experiences

Education campuses are no different from an IT or business park. So why are our solutions different? Today’s classrooms are defined by MOOCs or virtual classrooms that provide a rich learning experience for students. With Relay2, schools and universities can ensure a seamless delivery of education content by:

Monitoring and adjusting network traffic

Scale up or scale down your network traffic based on your requirements with Relay2’s on-premise edge intelligence across access points.

Improving User Experience

Eliminate slow speeds with a decentralized computing system that prioritizes connectivity and networking across campuses – dramatically improving the user experience of students and teachers.

Education on-the-go

From digital libraries to online application portals, deliver your digitization solutions to every student across multiple campuses with our smart edge access points.
Enhancing Retail Experiences

Staying connected in a Wireless Economy

Our solutions help retail spaces to farther analytics about customer interactions across touch points. This empowers retail businesses to take action based on real-time information, received from real customers and immersive customers engagements.
Get creative with how you manage your retail wireless experience and customers relationship:

Easy to load content

Promote your business across digital signage applications with content stored and delivered directly from access points.

Quick On-premise analytics

Generate additional security insights with IP video for security or detailed customer traffic analysis that is processed on-premise.

Interactive communications

Deliver in-store interactive communication for associates to stay connected with customers, even when on the store floor, without the need for standalone voice systems.

Smarter City with Edge Computing

Transforming public WiFi experiences

Public WiFi hotspots are known to be slow, difficult to connect, and untrustworthy. But what if we could change all that? With Relay2 products and solutions create the smart city of tomorrow, today.

Smarter cities with edge computing

Deliver transformative WiFi experiences with real-time analytics and edge intelligence. Our solutions enable applications and services to run locally at the edge.

Reduce latency issues

Applications not loading fast enough. Relay2 helps you understand how your application will work based on varying internet speed and WiFi connectivity. Lower latency as applications are nearer to the source of information with our on-premise converged edge platform.

Create WiFi-compatible applications

The Relay2 platform enables third-party developers to create new smart city applications that reduce backhaul costs. Based on open source dockers, the solutions enable applications to be quickly deployed and validated.
IIoT at your fingertips

The most comprehensive IoT stack

In a world of mobile and constant connectivity, IoT’s reach and need has pushed industries to adapt to the changing digital world. But the role of WiFi in the IoT landscape is often overlooked by businesses.
Relay2 combines a robust cloud platform with applications and access points to connect devices, people, and data at the core of your business operations.

Gain from efficient working practices

Lost connection to the cloud? Don’t let temporary network disruptions impact your smart device operations. Our on-premise edge computing allows data to be stored and processed at access points; improving reliability and scalability.

Instant notifications

Be notified instantly of issues that could impact your business operations. Relay2 WiFi solutions are well suited to support IoT applications that require high bandwidth and low latency.

Respond quicker to incidents

Transform your industry with real-time data analytics that monitor, analyze, and manage large quantities of data derived from your network. Get to the root cause of the problem quicker which could otherwise hinder operations.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

WiFi that keeps your guests coming back

Today’s hospitality is powered by mobile, cloud, IoT, artificial intelligence, and the need to be connected at all times. But how can hotels ensure guest satisfaction and operation of guest services technology without a reliable WiFi network?
Relay2 offers a comprehensive solution for all your connectivity woes with converged edge computing. Our solutions are built to manage WiFi for small to large spaces and IoT needs. As a leader in smart edge access points, Relay2 enables delivery of smart experiences; converting hotel to a smart hotel.

Building a connected room

Easily deploy smart solutions on a multi-tenant edge access point that allow guests to customize their surroundings such as lighting and temperature. Improve customer satisfaction with reliable insights from data analysis across connected devices.

Digital office for the digital nomads

Delight your guests with access to new integrated mobile amenities, with the Relay2 application ecosystem. Provide remote access solutions to promote collaboration of virtual teams at remote locations.

Secure WiFi for VPNs

Eliminate security issues with Remote Access Points (RAPs) for secure VPN connections for your business traveller. Relay2 access points support the latest WiFi standards with full tunnelling capabilities to secure your guests’ digital connections.
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Relay2, a leader in cloud-managed wireless and edge computing convergency networks, helps service providers transform legacy managed services into complete ROI-generating business solutions tailored for SMB.
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RelayRelay2 HQ
Relay2, a leader in cloud-managed wireless networks, helps service providers transform legacy managed services into complete ROI-generating business solutions tailored for SMB.
Our locationsWhere to find us?
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Copyright by Relay2. All rights reserved.

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